Elusive time

What is it about time that makes it so slippery? It never ceases to amaze me how different a minute can feel depending on the circumstance. How can it feel like only 5 minutes extra of dozing in the morning and then I look at the bedside clock and it’s been 20? How can a few hours of a fascinating conversation with someone feel like only 10 minutes have passed? Have you ever really paid attention to how much a person can say in just one minute? What about being grilled for a minute? Feels like an eternity. I remember my parents talking about how fast time flies as I was growing up. Now it seems to be a daily topic of discussion, much like the weather and the state of our health.

I’m lucky that I can get up when I wake up. I haven’t had to rise to an alarm clock for many years and I am ever so grateful for that. I don’t wear a watch and am not so very tied to a clock, and yet my inner clock works well for me each day. Mind you I sometimes breeze in to where I need to be at just the right moment, but it usually works out perfectly. I would rather be early than late and am conscientious about other people’s time. I used to have a boyfriend who was always late, always doddling, coming in to the movie 10 minutes after it had begun asking, “what’s happened”. Aieeeeee! Did teach me patience, but sheesh.

The other day while driving, the car clock seemed to be stuck at 2:33. I wasn’t particularly fixated on the clock but I remember glancing at it several times and every time, it still read 2:33. I felt I had driven several kilometers already and marveled at the time not changing. I was convinced the clock was broken.

The time changes here in Canada from Daylight Savings to Standard Time and back to Daylight Savings come faster each year and it makes me long to live closer to the equator. Not only for the heat, the ocean breezes, the Bougainvillea, the tropical fruits, the seafood and the beaches, but I like the more equal hours of day and night. It sets a rhythm up that works well for me. Right now we are heading to the Summer Solstice and there are more daylight hours. Consequently I’m not in synch with meal times and find I’m eating late, then there’s hardly time after a meal to do much before bedtime calls. Just when I get used to that cycle, the clocks change again.

It’s nice to have more time to be out and about but because time is going so fast it feels those swings between longer days and shorter days are hitting me too quickly.

But time is rather elusive and I like to play with it sometimes, and stretch it if I can. If I’m running late I like to take a moment, take a deep breath and imagine time slowing down. Just a quick, little intention, picturing a clock with a very slow tick, tick, tick allowing myself to feel that I have all the time in the world. I think it’s about losing the tension in the body about being late, just letting go and moving into a peaceful, intentional direction. Acting as if, as my teachers are fond of saying. I seem to always get to where I need to be at just the right time. I’ve not been able to stretch time so the clock slows when I want a few more minutes of sleep though. What I think is 5 minutes; yikes, another 20 minutes has just flown by.



About redbootsdancing

A recent migrant to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, I find myself delighting in the view out each window, the variety of each day and the charm of having my own place again.
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