Hiatus over

So amazing to look back at the post saying I was on hiatus. I know I haven’t written for a while but seeing the date of September 2014 is quite incredible to me. And to say I was very sick. Well it was seems like a dream. Now a year and a few months later I say, I never was sick. There was a “diagnosis”. There was surgery. And there was recovery from surgery. But it’s all quite surreal. Like a big cosmic joke. Or maybe not a joke. Maybe a big cosmic call to attention. Because it certainly got my attention. Now I’m doing so much inner work, coming to attention and being present to what is. Moving away from the drama we create and staying in the moment. Or that’s the plan anyway. How interesting life is. And how thankful I am to be figuring it out.


About redbootsdancing

A recent migrant to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, I find myself delighting in the view out each window, the variety of each day and the charm of having my own place again.
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