I Love it When That Happens

We often hear people say “I hate it when that happens”, usually in a jesting tone, or facetiously but since I’m working on promoting healthful, positive and constructive influences in my life I’ve decided to adopt “I love it when that happens”.

For instance, let’s say, I’m buying all-purpose flour (gluten free for me, of course) or rice or whatever at the bulk section of my local health food store and I get home and the amount I have shovelled into the bag exactly fits the container that I keep that item in. I love it when that happens.

Or, I’m driving up to the store and a car is just pulling out of a parking spot in front of the door, allowing me easy and immediate access. I love it when that happens.

When something needs repair, that can be a real stressor but when the repair turns out to be simple and inexpensive, I love it when that happens.

Sometimes I have to make a call to a “company” where I have to press a seeming infinite number of buttons to get to the right department. When there is “0 minutes” wait time and a Customer Service Representative answers right away, I love it when that happens.

The other day I was thinking of a friend who lives on the other side of the country. The phone rang and it was her. I love it when that happens.

A friend had told me of a good book she was reading. I went into my local, very small library and asked if they would look up to see if they had this book (I had forgotten the author). The librarian went over to the shelf and pulled down that very book for me. I love it when that happens.

Now this is not so unusual, because I do live right by the ferry, but when I come down my driveway and roll into the parking area and the ferry is right there on my side of the channel, I love it when that happens.

Lately I’ve been laughing at small mishaps that befall me. This morning, for instance, instead of pouring cream into my coffee, which was in the blender as I make Bullet Proof Coffee, I poured it into the cup full of hot water that was warming up nicely for that BPC. Obviously I was not paying enough attention, but instead of going, tsk tsk, or worse, I just cracked up laughing. Something falls on the floor, I chuckle. How funny.

I love the “I love it when that happens” idea and I hope it catches on. Life really isn’t to be taken so seriously, I’ve decided.


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Winter in Little Narrows

Well we’ve had some doozy snow storms here in Little Narrows since I’ve arrived. I haven’t seen this much snow since living on the farm in Killaloe back a few decades. That’ll teach me!

My magical woods on the second day of January.

My magical woods on the second day of January.

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November 2016 extra-super full moon

I was thrilled to have my camera at hand when this beautiful evening unfolded on November 13, 2016.

First view.

First view.

Extra super full moon

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Goodbye Port Perry, Hello Little Narrows

Well, what a turn my life has taken. I have been able to find a home to call my own again in  beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, in a charming place called Little Narrows on a channel of the beautiful Bras d’Or Lake.


It’s hard to realize that I’ve only been here for a little over 3 months (as of February 2017) because it feels like a lot longer. It was certainly a tumultuous upheaval moving from Port Perry and at the end of 2016 I wondered if I was ever going to get done with unpacking.


Thanks to Tina for coming to help organize and set things right. She was a wonderful help.

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Hiatus over

So amazing to look back at the post saying I was on hiatus. I know I haven’t written for a while but seeing the date of September 2014 is quite incredible to me. And to say I was very sick. Well it was seems like a dream. Now a year and a few months later I say, I never was sick. There was a “diagnosis”. There was surgery. And there was recovery from surgery. But it’s all quite surreal. Like a big cosmic joke. Or maybe not a joke. Maybe a big cosmic call to attention. Because it certainly got my attention. Now I’m doing so much inner work, coming to attention and being present to what is. Moving away from the drama we create and staying in the moment. Or that’s the plan anyway. How interesting life is. And how thankful I am to be figuring it out.

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